radon in the home

Radon is present in many homes and is virtually undetectable without a test. The gas is colorless and odorless but can cause health problems. To keep your family safe, test for radon in the home.

Test for Radon in the Home

If you have been occupying your property for many years and never had testing performed or are preparing to purchase a new home, order a test to measure radon levels.

Depending on the state that you live in, home sellers may be legally required to disclose the presence of radon. However, if the seller didn’t order testing on the property, they have no information to disclose. Request a professional radon test anytime you purchase a home.

Open the Windows to Improve Circulation

If you get the results of your radon test and want to take immediate action, opening the windows is a temporary solution. It is unrealistic to leave the windows open around the clock, especially during the summer and winter, which is why this is only a short-term solution until a mitigation system is installed.

Seal Foundation Cracks

Radon enters the home through small cracks and gaps around your foundation, basement flooring, windows, and doors. Sealing holes, gaps, and utility openings will reduce the likelihood of elevated radon levels. However, this step is not a permanent solution, as a home naturally shifts and settles, and new cracks may form.

Install a Mitigation System

Radon remediation systems circulate air and push radon-rich air out of the house. After receiving the test results, talk with a radon professional to determine the next steps. A professional has the knowledge and experience to design a mitigation system to remove radon by improving circulation and ventilation.

Test for Radon in the Home When Remodeling

If you are remodeling the basement or any part of your home, the construction activity may disturb the foundation and undo existing radon remediation.

Before you begin a renovation, perform a baseline test to know how much of the gas is present. After the project, test again to verify nothing was disturbed and take appropriate action if levels are higher.

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