order a pre-listing inspection

There are many tasks to tackle as you prepare to offer your home for sale. One of the most important projects is completing repairs. Order a pre-listing inspection to verify no expensive issues are hidden behind the walls or under the floorboards. These inspections are performed by a professional home inspector and provide valuable insight into your property. Here are a few reasons to schedule an inspection before putting your house on the market.

Save Money on Repairs When You Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

The homebuyer will order an inspection before closing on the home. Their inspector will create a report detailing issues with the property, and they may ask you to cover some repair costs during the negotiations. Often you’ll be asked to pay for their preferred contractor and building materials.

To save money on repairs, order a pre-listing inspection. You will get the same thorough information but have the time to make your own decisions and hire the contractors you prefer. You may even choose to make minor repairs on your own.

Learn More About the Property

When you live in a home, you may overlook its flaws. A pre-listing inspection includes a report explaining the house’s strengths and weaknesses. You will learn more about the problems with the home, and you can talk with your real estate agent to decide what work should be done before listing. Some repairs may be better left for the buyer to take down the road.

Market the Strengths with a Pre-Listing Inspection

The inspection report will tell you what systems and components are in good working order. If no issues are found with the roof, you can use this information when marketing the house. If the HVAC system is in better condition than the age would indicate, share that information with buyers. This makes the home more appealing to buyers who are not shopping for a fixer-upper.

Avoid a Buyers’ Inspection

Most buyers will order an inspection as part of the purchasing process. However, in competitive real estate markets where buyers must move quickly, they may be willing to waive their inspection if you have already performed a pre-listing inspection. When the buyer accepts your inspection results, it saves time and money.

Price the Home Right

It is frustrating to watch your property sit on the market due to improper pricing, but it’s also not easy to price a home correctly. A home inspection equips you and your real estate agent with the correct information to choose a listing price for the home. An accurate price shortens a property’s time on the market and helps prevent lengthy negotiations.

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