Terry Norris—Professional Property Inspector

TNT Inspection Services LLC is proudly African-American owned and operated by property inspector Terry Norris. Terry’s knowledge of the trade is immense, his dedication to the client plain for all to see, and the quality of service that he provides second to none. A home inspection is essential to a successful home purchase because you never know when hidden defects may be present or if the selling party is holding their cards close to the vest in order to increase profitability. Terry will get to the bottom of the underlying issues in a home’s construction if they happen to be there at all, giving you the accurate knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Your Property Inspector Knows and Loves How Homes Are Built

When he was growing up, Terry got the chance to watch his father work in homes as a certified plumber every single day. This set the stage for Terry’s lifelong love of homes, inspiring an interest that has never faded—Terry simply loves how homes are built and he is fascinated by the fine details in the work. Over time, Terry came to understand how and where home construction can go wrong, and what to do about it to ensure that residents are able to stay safe in their living space. Before he transitioned to his career in home inspection, Terry worked as a highway construction inspector for the Ohio Department Of Transportation.

In his free time, Terry is always taking steps to learn more about the housing industry in order to continually improve his business. Terry enjoys relaxing at home with his loved ones, watching a variety of sports on television, and attending games in person whenever possible.

Home Inspections

It Means the World to Be a Part of a Successful Home Purchase

  • We strive to provide the most accurate and extensive home inspection that you’ll find in the state of Georgia or anywhere else—using diagnostic technology such as gas leak detectors, moisture meters, aerial drone photography, and thermal imaging whenever necessary
  • You’re under a lot of stress right now with this prospective home purchase, and like most people, you’ve probably got a busy schedule outside of this to contend with—and that’s why we offer convenient weekend and evening appointments in addition to our normal hours
  • Knowledge is your edge during final negotiations with the seller of the home, and we’re determined to make you as informed as possible about the condition of the property—if you have questions once the inspection is finalized, call us at any time, and we’ll be glad to talk you through our findings
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